Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Put a bow on it!

I promised more information on how to complete Monday's project.  First, let's talk about that cute bow! It's made with the Envelope Punch Board, as I mentioned on Monday. You can make your bow any length, but the width needs to be at least 1 inch for these instructions. I cut a 1 inch x 12 inch piece of Designer Series Paper (DSP) and divided it up: 1 x 6, 1 x 4, and a piece 1/4" x about 1 inch. 

Beginning with the 1 x 6, place it into the Envelope Punch Board at 3 inches and punch. Flip it over and repeat. This will be the center where your bow pieces will meet up. Round all 4 corners. Bring the ends to the middle--you'll see where they match up with the rounded parts of the center--and adhere them with glue dots.

Next, on the 1 x 4 piece, place it into the Envelope Punch Board at 2 inches, punch, then flip and punch again. Put each short end (the 1 inch side) into the punch, centering as much as possible, and punch to "flag" the ends. This is the "ribbon" piece that will go under the bow.

Place the "bow" on the "ribbon," wrap the 1/4 inch piece around it to hold it together, and adhere it all with a final glue dot. Ta da! You've made a bow! And since you already needed the Envelope Punch Board for boxes (here and here and here) and file folder cards and envelopes, it's like the bow projects are FREE! :-)

Hope you enjoyed these instructions--I'd love to see projects you make with these bows! Post a link in the comments!

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