Wednesday, June 21, 2017

ASEA Wednesday: Doctors Speak about ASEA

Welcome to ASEA Wednesday! This is my weekly spotlight on my OTHER passion, holistic healing and ASEA supplement. In 1995, we discovered that my then 5 month old daughter was "allergic" or oversensitized to all the major classes of available antibiotics. When both your parents have a genetic immunity disorder, this is very bad news.

The doctor told me that if we could just keep her alive till she was a year old, we would have other options. That didn't sound very hopeful to me.

Thus began my journey into holistic medicine. I was raised to believe that it was all a hoax and a scam, so you can imagine my reservations and skepticism. I used supplements, better nutrition, reduced exposure to inflammatory agents, and more. She was tiny and fragile, and I couldn't just run experiments on her. As it turned out, though, I *did* keep her alive. In fact, she is still alive (and kicking)! I wish ASEA had been available to me then!

So to all of you who doubt the power of a "magic" salt and water drink to heal cells, I offer you this 5-minute video by doctors and other health professionals, discussing redox signaling molecules and the science behind how they help your cells heal themselves!

The Science behind ASEA - 5 mins from Amazing Molecules on Vimeo.