Wednesday, May 10, 2017

ASEA Wednesday: Natural vs Native

We often hear of "natural" supplements, which are usually easier to absorb and less harmful than "artificial" supplements. But are you sensitive even to some natural things, like I am? Every time I try a new soap, lotion, makeup, detergent, or food, I worry. No matter how natural and "safe" it may be, I am the most likely person to react badly. Once I find something that works and doesn't bother me, I stick with it!

Natural products include fruits, berries, essential oils, minerals, and more. They come (at least mostly) from nature! They are good, and many people use them with good results. But what is native? Native is something  your body already makes, in a form it recognizes and can use immediately. Like redox signaling molecules, for example. Something we already make in our bodies, but as we age, we can't make enough.

ASEA is literally bottled redox signaling molecules. That's all. No extra fancy ingredients. Nothing for your body to work around. Nothing that can possibly (even if you're sensitive) hurt you.

I have to tell you, there are very few things in my life like ASEA. Water, maybe.

Are you ready to help your body heal itself? What's standing in your way?

*Thanks to Deni Robinson for the use of her graphic.