Thursday, September 18, 2014

Love you more than polka dots

Today is this little guy's birthday. He is such a joy! We found out we were pregnant late in life, and his very existence is a miracle.

Of course, being two, he gets into his fair share of mischief. He loves my craft room (especially sharp scissors, sigh) and tries to spend as much time in there with me as he can. Here is his latest stamping mischief:

If you follow my Facebook business page, you've seen this picture. It was part of a "Tips" post on using Staz-On black ink to stain photopolymer stamps. It keeps them from staining pink or orange from red inks, and it also makes them easier to see. I like to leave the Staz-On black on the stamps overnight for cleaning, but really, it doesn't need to be that long.

So after I received my August Paper Pumpkin, I "stained" my stamps and left them to dry. The next day, I found a small clear block in my bedroom--the opposite end of the house from the stamp room. How odd, right? Then later that day when I went to stamp, I couldn't find my cute little single polka dot stamp *anywhere*. It was terrible! Poor little polka dot, lost and . . . then I realized that my darling baby boy had absconded with the block that had the little polka dot stamp on it! We looked all over, but it was not meant to be. Sniffle. Even a *black* polka dot is impossible to find once it leaves its block (and most likely the stamp room altogether).

So the lesson is, don't let your 2yo learn to open door knobs. No, wait. Ummm. I think the lesson is that 2yo boys are much more important than polka dot stamps. :-)

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