Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

My mom is amazing. She taught me how to be strong and true, and she taught me how to make a family and home. She is always studying and learning and trying to improve herself--she taught all of us the great joy in learning. She is an amazing pianist--I'm sure she would have been a concert pianist if she hadn't had all of us kids! She still plays wonderfully, and it's a joy to watch her perform and share her music. She teaches piano and accompanies the grandchildren (and many others!) as they sing and play instruments. She has been a widow for almost 14 years, but she holds the whole family together. She taught us to let go of hurt feelings and disagreements, because family is what matters most. She taught us to cook and sew and clean and shop frugally. She taught us to grow a vegetable garden to feed our stomachs and a flower garden to feed our souls. She taught us faith in God and how to endure well.

She made me who I am, and I hope I can pass on as much my own children. Love you, Mom! Happy Mother's Day!