Friday, May 7, 2010

Cheep cheep

Sorry my blogging has been sparse this week. We've been a little busy.

Due to the predations of a very sneaky neighbor dog, we found ourselves in need of a few more laying hens. (That darn dog got out of his pasture, came around behind ours, and waited for our birds to get a leetle too close to the fence! He grabbed 'em right thru the fence!)

So here you see the 7 (it was supposed to be 6, but the hatchery gave us an extra) new additions to the Bell coop. Three (the stripey ones) are Gold Sex Links. They're called that because they're cross-bred so that their color indicates their sex. Sex link. Clever, eh? That way, I don't have to have any mean old roosters. We love the Goldies--they are great layers. The other 4 chickies are Easter Egg hens. We already have 4, and it's just the coolest thing to get blue and green eggs!

Oh, and if you're looking for something about stamping, check out the latest additions to the Clearance Rack on my Stampin Up website! Some great deals on retired stuff! and they're "cheap cheap" !

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