Thursday, February 12, 2009

Your wish is my command . . .

Ok, since you *must* have more pictures! LOL Sorry for the poor photo quality--I did them in a hurry!

This is the ultra close-up of the adorable flowers!!!!

Here is what you see when you open the cover.

Page 2

And *all* the way open! Isn't this a fabulous project!!! I see some serious copying in my future!

Secret Cupid Day 1

Remember when I did my Secret Elf swap at Christmas??? Well, we had so much fun, my Swappers Anonymous sisters decided to do it again for Valentines Day! What could be more fun than presents???? :-)

Isn't my Cupid *amazing*!! The scrapbook in the back will most certainly be making another appearance on my blog for a class, and inside that yummy Sweet Always packet is . . .
Chocolate with Almonds! My most favorite treat in the world!

Thanks Cupid! You made my day!