Monday, November 2, 2009

Stretch your stamp dollars!

Where did you get that stamp set,  Amy???? That's what you're asking, isn't it! I knew it! Because if there were a Stampin Up stamp set like this, you'd totally own it by now, right??

Wellllllllll, remember this post where I told you about the Bright Blessings Wheel (115626 p 27)???? I shall now reveal my secret! LOL

I cut the rubber off the Jumbo Wheel, cut it apart {gasp}, and mounted it on extra wood blocks! Ta da! A whole new stamp set! For those who want to try it, I used my craft knife to cut along the seam on the rubber. Then I used my trusty Craft and Rubber Scissors (103179, p 191) to cut the rubber into more manageable strips. I used plain old mounting foam (found in the paint/adhesive department at my big box store) as a cushion for my stamps. Lay the rubber (not cut too closely) onto one sticky side of the foam, then cut both the foam and the rubber out and mount them on a wood block! If you like an "index image" on the top of your wood block like I do, you'll want to use StazOn ink to stamp the image onto the block before you actually mount it. {smile}

Find a Jumbo Wheel you think would make a fabulous stamp set, and create your own!


Britiney said...

You are such a TOTAL ROCK STAR!! What a terrific idea. I'm trying this ASAP!!! Miss seeing you!

Anonymous said...

Lookie you being all clever!

zekesmom10 said...

Genius! And you are so brave.