Friday, November 20, 2009


I completely stole this from JanTink. She's my friend. I *think*.

I mean, I *know* her, and she knows me. We've even spent time together in person. The friend part, well, let's just say it's up in the air.

See, in this post, she purposely tried to convince me I needed the Woodgrain BG stamp. Of course, I already *knew* that, but still! What kind of friend does that????

So I figured I could just copy her stuff and we'd be even. Since she designed it purely to taunt me. Oh, and there's another card coming that copies her, too. Just in the interest of full disclosure. {smile}


Anonymous said...

I just wonder what kind of friend really does that kind of enabling? ;)

Now ya gonna make me buy it aren't ya?

Tandra said...