Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just ducky

I think my ducks are my favorite animals we have here on the mini-mini farm. They make me laugh! They have such an enjoyment of life--especially life with water. We flood irrigate every 10 days, and they have SUCH fun with it!

The brown duck on the far right is a Khaki Campbell duck. They are great egg layers! And yes, we eat duck eggs. LOL They are slightly richer than chicken eggs, generally, but you'd never know the difference unless someone told you. Fresh eggs taste so much different from store-bought eggs! Yummy!

The white and brown ducks are Fawn Runner ducks. They are my special favorites! They are known for looking like a champagne bottle on legs! The gray ducks are Blue Swedish. They are the largest of our ducks. This is the first time we've tried that particular breed, but they are very sweet natured.


Dixie Finn said...

They are so cute. Growing big.

Tandra said...

Amy they are so CUTE!
I can just hear them qwackin' away! lol