Saturday, April 18, 2009

Step away from the chickens, and nobody gets hurt

Meet Peso. The newest addition to our mini-farm.

One of the sad realities of raising chickens is predators. Foxes (yes, we had a fox in the henhouse last year!), raccoons (three at once!), skunks, weasels--they're all looking for a free chicken dinner.

Enter the guard goat. We used to have a pygmy goat, Clover, may-she-rest-in-peaceful-fields. Never did we lose a chicken when Clover was on patrol! But then Clover got old and died. And really, goats can be a pain. They're sneaky. So we went without a goat. And lost 24 chickens in one year. Soooo, this year, we found ourselves a new goat. Here are a couple pictures to give you a better idea of how big Peso is. He is nearly a year old, so this is as big as he gets. He's a Nigerian Dwarf goat--I think. Or a mix. LOL

Jake (7) with Peso trying to eat his Crocs.

Maddy (9) giving Peso a little luv

So Peso really isn't very scary. Unless you're trying to kill a chicken that don't belong to ya!

I thought you might like an update about what else is growing at the homestead.

Danny (4) with Tip and Caramel

Caramel keeping my feet warm.


Shannan Teubner said...

How cute!!

Sharon said...

Peso is very cute but your kiddos are even cuter!!

Tandra said...

Peso is so cute! I like goats!
Oh my Caramel is getting BIG! Shes beautiful!
And the kiddos are dolls!

Beedubya said...

Caramel and Peso are so cute!! I need a pet that's not a hairy frenchman.

Paula said...

So much fun Amy. That little caramel is a cutie for sure. So are your kids.

Kathy said...

How's Peso doing these days? He sure is a cutie. Cute kids, cute animals. Steals your heart, doesn't it?!