Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Now he's four!

Yesterday was my sweet baby Daniel's fourth birthday. Apparently I am the only one around here who thinks "birth" days should be all about me--the one who gave BIRTH!

Danny loves to flirt with his Mama and his sisters. Look out when he gets older! LOL He knows all the right things to say--"You're the best Mommy in my heart!" Awww. He is my little lefty--the only one of the 6!--and the only blonde. What can I say? Maybe my gene pool ran out of hair color?????

Love his kisses. Miss his baby-ness. He's growing up. He told me just the other day that we needed more babies, and I agree. But they'll have to be *grand* babies! Danny's the baby! With all the good and bad that entails. He gets a little more holding, a little more indulging, and a lot more bossing. But he seems to cope with that pretty well. He'll just slug you if you make him mad. LOL