Monday, August 18, 2008

The boy loves his Froot Loops

Getting 6 kids going in the morning can be--complicated. {laugh} Danny woke up cranky as usual, but when he discovered that someone else had eaten the last of the Froot Loops, he had a meltdown. He's quite the charmer when he's happy, but if he's cranky LOOK OUT! I guess that's like most of us, right?

When we took a trip this past summer, I bought one of those multi-packs of cold cereal as a treat. My girls and I decided the boxes would make adorable mini notebooks, so the cut down boxes have been living in my craft room for awhile. I used my Carl cutter to slice up a whole bunch of printer paper, and my sweet little Bind-It-All helped me make this notebook in about 5 minutes! Problem solved! Just call me Super Mom! {giggle} I told him he had to let me take a picture of the notebook, but he wanted to be in it. He told me, "Mom, you're good!" So I think I'll make it through another day.

Here's a close up (without the adorable boy).

The notebook is only about 4 1/2" x 2 1/2"! I used a 7/8" BIA wire.