Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ducks on a pond

Well, not a pond exactly. A toboggan pond? It works for the ducklings, anyway.

When I went to buy chicks (the chicken kind, not more girls) a few weeks ago, I felt inspired to get a few ducks, too! 'Cause I'm a little bit crazy. So the ducklings are almost 4 weeks old now--and it's warm enough for them to be outside. They are so happy!

The yellow ones are called Runner Ducks, and they'll probably be all white. They stand upright and run really fast! Not normal duck action at all. The brown ones are Khaki Campbells, known for their amazing egg laying ability. If they're female. We're keeping our fingers crosse! Right now, they are all afraid of the miniature bunny. But they are getting braver. LOL

Here they are all lined up, for some reason! Grooming themselves. Ducks love to be clean!

This is Frodo, our big scary miniature bunny. Notice that the ducklings are keeping their distance!