Wednesday, September 13, 2017

ASEA Healthy Wednesday: Diet and Depression

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What if your diet could help your moderate depression?? How big would that be! Well, there is now research showing that healthier diets reduce the risk of depression.

Professor Felice Jacka, director of Deakin University's Food and Mood Centre, said the Mediterranean diet had been credited with improving cardiovascular health, reducing the risk of diabetes and increasing longevity.
"We already know that diet has a very potent impact on the biological aspects of our body that affect depression risks," she said. "The immune system, brain plasticity, and gut microbiota seem to be central not just to our physical health, but also our mental health. And diet, of course, is the main factor that affects the gut microbiota."

What were the main diet premises?

Encouraged foods: whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, low-fat/ unsweetened dairy, raw unsalted nuts, lean red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, and olive oil
Discouraged foods: sweets, refined cereals, fried food, fast food, processed meat.
Beverages: maximum two sugar-sweetened beverages per week and maximum two alcoholic drinks per day, preferably red wine.

As Dr. Jacka states, we already know that the gut biome is the key to all health--both body and mind. Everyone can start by eliminating sugar, fast food, and processed foods. That doesn't take a nutrition degree. Increase your whole food intake: vegetables, fruits, nuts, healthy oils. And don't forget to add fermented foods and probiotics!

Here's the article on the Psychology Today blog:

Clinical Trial Finds Diet Works for Depression

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