Wednesday, August 2, 2017

ASEA Healthy Wednesday: Why does the "science" change?

Every day, the "science" seems to change! How do you know what is real and what is a fad? Well, it's pretty hard to tell sometimes. My first advice is not to trust the pharmaceutical companies to be looking out for you. They are not humanitarian organizations!

And as much as you and I might like our doctors and health professionals, they may not have all the information available. Think of how much time it would take to investigate every patient's particular needs!

My next advice is to eat real food--not packaged or fast food--nearly all the time. Even if we don't choose organic, it's healthier to eat an apple than it is to eat a chemical-laden bag of gummy candies.

Trying to improve our health is not a one-time decision. We can make lots of small, important steps along the path to feeling better and improving our quality of life. I didn't learn and try everything all at once--and neither should you.

Choose one small lifestyle change you feel you can stick to. It might be starting to walk more every day, or eliminating aspartame and other artificial sugars, or even adding chia seeds to your morning protein shake.

You might consider adding redox signaling molecules to your supplements, or magnesium, healthy omega oils, or vitamin C.

The changes add up, and in 6 months, you'll feel better than you do today. What change will you make in August to improve your health and energy?? 

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