Wednesday, March 29, 2017

ASEA Wednesday: Renu 28 comes between my finger and my straightening iron

Renu28 is the gel or topical form of redox signaling molecules, produced by ASEA. I keep a tube of it in my vanity, and it gets used a LOT! A couple weeks ago, I accidentally touched my finger to the inside of my straightening iron. If you've ever done that, you know it's a BAD burn!

It was a Sunday morning, and we were hurrying to get out the door to church. When I burned myself, I was so aggravated. I needed to be able to play the organ, not to mention wrestle my 4 year old through 3 hours of church. Neither of those things were going to be easy with a bad burn on my finger!

There wasn't much time to think about it, so I just squeezed some Renu28 on the burn, covered it with a bandage, and took some ibuprofen. Off to church we went. I didn't even think about the burn until about 8 hours later, when I went to change the bandage. Not only was there no blister, there was no pain. Not even redness! It was unbelievable! The Renu28 helped my skin cells and as a result, I went on about my day as if the burn never happened.

Redox signaling molecules are real science. Our bodies make them to heal or replace damaged cells. Now you have the ability to supplement your redox! Check out my ASEA page at or contact me with any questions you might have. I'd love to share more ways ASEA is making my life better every day.

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