Monday, January 23, 2017

Fear of Coloring--anybody else?

I love the Inside the Lines Designer Series Paper, available as a FREE choice with your $50 purchase. The designs are beautiful and inspiring. And also terrifying. I confess to having several adult coloring books, along with many different styles and grades of colored pencils, stashed away. I'm AFRAID TO MESS UP! I like to call it my coloring disability. I *want* to color. But fear of choosing the wrong color or going outside the lines prevents me from starting.

One of my favorite bloggers, Carolyn Dube at A Colorful Journey, had a suggestion I love. She recommended using easy, plentiful supplies to overcome your fear of playing with colors. Because I had just cut up several sheets of my Inside the Lines paper, I had several scraps lying around my desk. I decided to play with flower colors on one scrap, since it wasn't of much value as it was. I didn't worry about all the colors coordinating, or about being exact. I just *played*.

And it worked!!

After I finished coloring it, I turned it into this fun bookmark! I think it was worth the effort.

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Tandra said...

Totally worth the effort, Amy!!!

Amy said...

Thanks! You're the best!