Saturday, April 18, 2009

Step away from the chickens, and nobody gets hurt

Meet Peso. The newest addition to our mini-farm.

One of the sad realities of raising chickens is predators. Foxes (yes, we had a fox in the henhouse last year!), raccoons (three at once!), skunks, weasels--they're all looking for a free chicken dinner.

Enter the guard goat. We used to have a pygmy goat, Clover, may-she-rest-in-peaceful-fields. Never did we lose a chicken when Clover was on patrol! But then Clover got old and died. And really, goats can be a pain. They're sneaky. So we went without a goat. And lost 24 chickens in one year. Soooo, this year, we found ourselves a new goat. Here are a couple pictures to give you a better idea of how big Peso is. He is nearly a year old, so this is as big as he gets. He's a Nigerian Dwarf goat--I think. Or a mix. LOL

Jake (7) with Peso trying to eat his Crocs.

Maddy (9) giving Peso a little luv

So Peso really isn't very scary. Unless you're trying to kill a chicken that don't belong to ya!

I thought you might like an update about what else is growing at the homestead.

Danny (4) with Tip and Caramel

Caramel keeping my feet warm.