Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Holly Homemaker

Sorry this post is late--here's why:

First batch of home-canned peaches for the season. We're hoping to be done (for today) in a couple hours, and then if I have any energy left, I'll stamp!

I learned to can from my mother and grandmother. We did peaches, pears, grape juice, tomatoes and tomato sauce, cherries, apricots, and I'm sure more I can't remember anymore. Now my girls know how. It's important to me to "preserve" the tradition and the knowledge. You just never know!

What I love about home-canned food is first of all, the TASTE! So much better than anything else. Second, I love knowing exactly what's in my food. Especially now! And third, I love that the skill I kept up all these years finally makes financial sense. Preserving food has never been a particular money saver for me--more of a luxury. But food prices are so crazy, this year it actually "pays" to can your own!

Do you have any memories of canning with your family? What did you can?